What is Adamantine® Yoga?

Adamantine® Yoga is a spiritual discipline that offers a simple and empowering means of discovering the heroic qualities within each of us. Adamantine® Yoga integrates three distinct facets of yoga into a cohesive and transformative daily practice.  Posture, breath, and concentration combine to form a moving meditation built around a framework of 20 yogic positions.

As this practice takes root in your consciousness, your daily actions naturally align with the spiritual truths revealed, allowing you to live with integrity and authenticity.


What does the word adamantine mean?

Adamantine means having the hardness or luster of a diamond.

Diamonds have long been used as a metaphor for the perfection of the human body.  The diamond body or adamantine body is a yogic ideal used to describe the end product of intentionally refining your physical body as a means of developing your whole self.


What are the benefits of practicing Adamantine® Yoga?

Through the practice of Adamantine® Yoga you will create a stronger, leaner, more flexible and coordinated physical body.

As you become more refined physically your skills of concentration will also improve and your mind will become steady and capable of single-pointed focus.

By encountering the physical and mental challenges of this discipline your true spirit will be revealed and you will have the opportunity to choose new ways of approaching adversity. The heroic qualities of Integrity, Nonviolence, Surrender, and Gratitude will become your natural response to challenge, and your will find you navigate life with greater grace and ease.


How long does it take to practice Adamantine® Yoga?

If practiced breath-by-breath exactly as written, the full Adamantine® Yoga sequence takes just under one hour. Even when adding modifications based on your unique needs your practice should not greatly exceed this amount of time.


How often should I practice Adamantine® Yoga?

Adamantine® Yoga is intended to be practiced daily, Monday through Saturday, as the first activity of the day. While it is not necessary to begin the practice this way, maximum benefits will be experienced once this full process has been realized.


Do I need any special equipment to practice Adamantine® Yoga?

A good quality yoga mat is essential to the practice of Adamantine® Yoga. Ideally your mat should be a minimum of 26” wide and 71” long.  The surface texture should be slip resistant, even when wet from light perspiration.  If you perspire easily on exertion you may consider using a mat towel for extra traction.

Some Adamantine® Yoga posture modifications require the use of yoga blocks for added support. This is specific to  your individual needs and not all practitioners will require blocks.

Manduka offers mat options that meet these recommendations as well as many other eco-friendly products to support you in your practice.


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